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Building Green

Green | Natural Building

Building Green is our practice of incorporating environmentally responsible or resource-efficient processes into the design and construction of our projects. Our objective through Building Green is to minimize our impact on the environment through our construction methods.
Northwinds Construction use a range of building systems and materials concerning natural building as they emphasize sustainability. Northwinds selects products that are recycled, plentiful, or are from renewable resources.

Green | Natural Building Methods:       

Northwinds Construction practice ‘Building Green’ through,

  • Our use of recycled steel for our steel building erection
  • Our use of locally quarried masonry selections
  • Our use of double-pained glass for high-efficiency windows
  • Our use of locally-produced plastic laminates
  • Our use of A/C unites with SEER ratings of 14 and higher
  • Our use of Motion-sensed lighting to reduce energy costs.

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