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Grizzly | 35,000 SF Office/Warehouse | Waller, TX

3.13.20 - Plumbing and electrical groundout are waiting on inspections. Crews are digging grade beams and seting steel, preparing to pour next Wednesday,




3.11.20 - Crews are setting p the slab for next week's pour. Crews are also plumbing ground out for the fire line,

IMG 3831

IMG 3835

IMG 3833

IMG 3834

3.02.20 - Finishing up subgrade for paving. Steel has been delivered,

IMG 3795

IMG 3797

IMG 3796


2.20.20 - Crews finished installing the storm and will continue to form the pad,

IMG 4415

IMG 4416

IMG 4417


12.27.19 - Crews have begun sitework for Grizzly's new facility. Dennis Montesinos is the PM and Kenneth Whitmill is the Superintendent,

Grizzly12.27.19 4


Grizzly12.27.19 5

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